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Essential Plus is a 100% natural soil amendment with root stimulator and 20 L-Amino acids not available in N-P-K fertilizers. Essential is derived from plant and vegetable products that provide a rich carbon source of organic matter. The Amino acids promote nutrient absorption and stimulates the plants essential metabolic activities. It also becomes a food source for survival and to increase the population of beneficial soil microorganisms.  Essential has a high carbon content, high concentrates of active, soluble humic acid, humus and cellulose fiber to help replenish soils that have been depleted of organic matter and are heavily compacted. This is especially important in overworked urban settings like estates, corporate sites and other manicured landscape settings. Essential also contains additional vitamins, enzymes, carbohydrates, sugars, and root stimulators (from Kelp) that are absorbed and utilized by plants to enhance their growth, vitality and stress resistance. With all the high percentages of active soluble humates, plant extracts, cellulose fiber and a natural wetting agent, Essential helps to improve and maintain soil health by adding critical organic matter back into the soil, relieve soil compaction, improve soil cation exchange capacity and even reduce the damaging effects caused by winter salt de-icing applications.

Companion Microbial inoculate and soil amendment. A unique liquid microbial inoculate contain beneficial Rhizosphere soil bacteria spores (Bacillus subtilis GB03) in a rich organic solution to act as a food source to help establish and multiply the bacterial spores. When applied to plants, these spores quickly colonize plant roots to promote essential plant nutrient uptake. As part of their symbiotic relationship with the plant, the GB03 provide enzymes and auxin-like metabolites which improve rooting, growth and plant vigor. The organic solution also contains high percentages of natural carbon compounds which help neutralize chemical salts.

Mycorrhizae, which means "fungus root", are fungi that are an essential part of plant growth. They work as an extension or the plants roots to help the plant take up soil nutrients and water exchange for a steady source of sugars. This co-dependant (symbiotic) partnership has evolved over millions of years to help plants survive. The inoculation contains highly selected strains of low host specificity endo- and eckomycorrhizae fungi that will quickly colonize the roots to provide the best possible conditions for root development and plant health and vigor. Mycorrhizae benefit more than 95% of Earth's plants and increases absorptive surfaces of their root systems up to 700%. The fungi can occupy 100 times more soil volume than a non-mycorrhizae plants entire root system and helps depress many root diseases caused by pathogenic fungi and nematodes.


Water Absorption
Nutrient Availibility
Improves Fe Effeciency

Plant Losses
Fertilizer use
Need of Pesticides
Heat Stress Damage
Irrigation Frequency
Loss from Drought