Merit capsule method
Many people have asked "What is the future for my Ash tree?" The honest answer is left untreated, the future is bleak. The larvae of the ash borer are eating the cambium layer or conductive tissues in your tree. This will cause certain death of the tree. A tree is worth trying to save if the visible damage is less than 30% of the tree. The recommendation is for a trunk injection of the insecticide Merit injected on an annual basis in the spring or Treeage injected once every three years to control the larvae actively feeding in the tree. Merit and Treeage are systemic products that will move throughout the tree to provide maximum protection. A licensed and certifited applicator must make these treatments. To apply, a series of small holes are drilled in the tree near the root flair and a capsule or injection needle with the insecticide in inserted in the hole. They will remain in the tree for a short period of time allowing the insecticide to enter the cambium layer of the tree. The equipment will be removed at the proper time by the applicator with no action necessary by the homeowner. The small holes will heal quickly and not be noticeable. The cost of this treatment depends on the size of the tree. Evaluations of the tree and a cost estimate for the treatment are free.
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Emerald Ash Borer  Life Cycle Info
The Emerald Ash Borer Detection Project
Treeage injection method
Treeage injection method
EAB Adult
EAB Larvae